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What you need to know about tick data?

tick dataClients should have clear info about how to carry out trading, and tick data can be of great help in this regard. It basically refers to the market data which shows the price and volume at each and every point. It is the contracted form of candlestick data service. Back testing strategies are hugely based upon it. Post trade analytics can also be done very efficiently with its help. It gives the opportunity to clients to analyze the high frequency market data time series, as well as historical content based series.

OneMarketData is hugely based upon this service. For more information, you can check this link provided here

What is OneMarketData?

OneMarketData is the creator of the OneTick solution. It is one of the best one time overall solution providers for event stream processing and time series management of real-time and for historical database management. This company provides smarter data management solutions for numerical research, thorough investigation of market data transactions and back testing to understand the market participants. Sophisticated data management is one of the best features it provides.

Recent market acquisition of OneMarketData

OneMarketData has recently announced about the news of acquisition of Tick Data Inc. Tick Data Inc. is a leading provider of exchange time series data that is historical in nature.

Now, the latter will provide the web solutions and database management solutions from their Virginia-based offices with their prior management team. Their officials are also very confident about their acceptance to their new clients and also promised to expand the scope of data infrastructure management and analytics on a broader scale.

Solutions provided by OneTick

The best tick data service works on each and every aspect of market research through data analysis. It is also known to offer –

  • Quantitative research.
  • Trading and market surveillance
  • Back testing process.

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