Manage Your Money with Wake Up Now

Manage Your MoneyManaging money is no easy feat. With the consumerism trend and all other threats to personal finances, it is no wonder why people are willing to go to great extents to ensure that their money is safe. Working with Wake Up Now is an easy and safe way to manage your money. Wake Up Now is a software company that has come up with a new way of managing money by the use of specialized software. By forming an association of members, it has been at the forefront of assuring all its members financial wellness.

Among some of the products offered by Wake Up Now is the Taxbot. Taxbot is an application that you can use to keep track of all expenditures and helps to minimize tax liability while at the same time ensuring that you get a maximum tax refund. All this is done in compliance with the rules set down by the IRS. Every expense you make will be documented, right down to keeping saved pictures of your receipts. It uses cloud storage to save all this information so that you can access it whenever you need it.

Finance is software that is formulated by Wake Up Now. With it, you can plan your finances by connecting your credit card accounts, bank accounts and investments, thus eliminating the need of a financial planner. It has a smart way of working out your debt figures. It uses several factors that directly or indirectly calculate your debt levels and formulate a plan that will help you clear your debts in the shortest time.

Identity theft is becoming quite a menace nowadays. To prevent someone from stealing your identity and spending your money, you need Invisus Protect. It will update you on the safety of your identity. In the unfortunate event that your identity is compromised, you will be able to restore it and get back your finances.

There are more features that you can get from being a member of Wake Up Now. As a member, you are entitled to cell phone discounts from certain service providers. You also get lots of grocery coupons that will save you money the next time you go shopping. You also get free stuff such as brooches and promotional stuff.

Wake Up Now has a Vacation Club. If you are the kind that likes to go out and take vacations, you can do it at a very low cost. You will also be offered a concierge who will be in charge of the bookings and will follow up to ensure that you are well settled in the destination. Whether you fancy air trips or want the more laid-back sea voyages, they will ensure you enjoy it at subsidized rates.

With the current economic atmosphere, everyone is looking to make a little money on the side. With Wake Up Now, simply by joining new people, you get paid. Actually, people are now forming groups of 12 people whereby the group leader earns money and by members adding more people they get to earn too. By joining Wake Up Now, you are settled financially for life.

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