The entrepreneur with a success

entrepreneur with a successBecoming a well-noted person requires tremendous work, overcoming hardships and talent. It is a challenging task to acquaint with several fields of numerous industries. However, it was possible for Robert W. Duggan to fulfill the unique path. Today, he stands as an entrepreneur with immense experience in handling different jobs and positions. As an investor, he commenced his profession at the Sunset Designs Company. His first mission was to revive profits for the company. It was plausible to achieve the aim with the introduction of the children’s embroidery. The difference in the product and its aesthetic design was a simple instruction leaflet.

During his reign, Sunset Designs achieved a market share of 80%. However, Reckitt and Benkiser overtook the management after Sunset Designs sold them from $15 million. It was an enormous profit considering that only $100,000 investment in the beginning. While still pro-actively taking part as an investor in the company, Robert Duggan began working on a new project, the Paradise Bakery. Starting its operation in the year 1969, Paradise Bakery became the first outlet in the United States to offer freshly prepared cookies. It soon became the McDonald’s cookies. One of the founders of the bakery went on to produce and supply the cookies across the nation.

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The man behind the idea was Robert Duggan. He led the inspiration and put forth the concept bringing in a few people and pumping the necessary capital. He came up with new recipes and even the idea of fresh baked presentation. Today, people across the globe savor the cookies via the McDonald’s, Disney World and Kentucky Fried Chicken. Chart House Inc. took over the company in the year 1987, and a new name to the bakery is Panera Bread. It became a popular outlet across the nation, and its recipes received global acclaim.

In the early 1980’s, Robert W. Duggan joined the technological arena. He worked closely with the US Government Services Administration by offering the micro-computer hardware and software through the Government Technology Services. At a critical stage, he went onto invest millions of dollars in the business to get hold of the contracts and reduce the requirement of capital for the company. His strategical approach and commitment led the group from mere $8 million revenue holding into a massive $600 million organization. It was also the idea of Bob that the company offered initial public offering that helped the company scale new heights and success.

Robert Duggan is a noted entrepreneur with immense skills and experience. His duty as part of the board received abundant benefits for several companies. He acted as the chairperson for Computer Motion for the period 1989 to 2003. During this period, the company reached high scales, as it was generating $25 million as annual revenues. His latest foray is the pharmaceutical company, the Pharmacyclics, for which he acts as the Chairman of the Board.  With success ringing with every company that he joined, the latest venture will also be a success that will head-up to generating profitable incomes within a short time.

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